JAKARTA - IKG received the first trust from PT BFI Finance, Tbk. in the term of motor vehicle financing. The financing will be used to increase IKG cash in order to implement projects that are being implemented by IKG. IKG and BFI signed a cooperation agreement at the IKG Head Office, Blok M, South Jakarta (25/11/2020).

BFI's trust in IKG shows that at the age of less than 2 years, IKG has earned a credible reputation in the eyes of finance companies. It is hoped that BFI's trust will be the first step, to increase support from finance companies or other financial institutions in order to increase the company's cash flow.

During the 1 year that IKG was founded, IKG itself has won the trust of clients including Ingersoll Rand Indonesia, Kalbe Farma, Nindya Karya, Pertamina, Indocement, Adhimix, Semen Indonesia, and others. This of course requires strong cash flow support, to work on projects from clients, which keep on coming.

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