IKG Obtain Credit Facility from BCA

Jakarta - IKG has once again won the trust of the national bank, Bank Central Asia (BCA) through Working Capital Loans to fund projects undertaken by PT Kelompok Ksatria Indarta.

The signing of the credit agreement was held at BCA KCP Kramat Jaya Baru, Central Jakarta in March 2021 between the Head of the BCA Branch and the Director of PT Grup Ksatria Indarta, Bayu Indarta.

"We thank BCA for trusting IKG. BCA's support is very much needed to finance the projects that we get," said Bayu Indarta.

IKG itself pocketed an income as of March 2021 of 2.1 billion rupiah, with a total contract of 5.2 billion rupiah based on the company's internal financial statements.

In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic situation, IKG managed to overcome this situation by posting positive growth and increasing company clients.

Currently IKG is working on projects from Ingersoll-Rand Indonesia, PT Nindya Karya (Persero), PT Pioner Beton, PT Adhimix and various other top companies.

"We are new, small, but with the client's trust, we will try to continue to grow, get new contracts, and become a bigger company," continued Bayu.

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